Sanjay Kalyanasundaram

Vice President, Product

Bilateral Meetings

  • Monday (13.05h - 15.10h)
  • Monday (15.10h - 18.05h)
  • Tuesday (13.10h - 15.15h)
  • Tuesday (15.15h - 16.55h)
  • Wednesday (13.10h - 15.15h)
  • Wednesday (15.15h - 16.55h)
DescriptionZentri offers a Platform as a Service (PaaS) that spans software on deeply embedded devices; cloud based monitoring, control, and management; and a mobile SDK that makes it super easy to create mobile apps that ‘just work’ with the connected products and the cloud.
Organization Type Company
Organization Size26-50
CityLos Gatos95030, 20 N Santa Cruz Ave Google map
Areas of Activities

HARDWARE (max 3)

  1. IoT / M2M

SOFTWARE (max 3)

  1. IoT / M2M

Looking for partners

Zentri is looking for partners : IoT Analytics, Workflow providers, Data Visualization Cloud Services partners are invited to connect with Zentri

Cooperation Offered
  1. Technical co-operation

Secure IoT Cloud Connectivity

Zentri is looking for customers : Product companies that require Secure Cloud Connectivity for products such as Thermostats, HVAC, Medical Devices, Connected Car, High End Appliances, etc

Cooperation Offered
  1. Sales / Distribution
  2. Technical co-operation