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DescriptionWhat we do? : Our team is involved in data protection since 20 years !Actually we lunch our patented firewall device for Laptops. This is a completely new offer in the market, approved by all big organisation having laptops runing out of their offices (major companies in petrol, banking, ..., governements...)
After full comunication, cloud, .... new questions regarding privacy, data protection are comming.How to prevent  against hacking, mistakes ...?
Our experience bring to our costumer easy solutions to prevent any kind of data loose.
Our Firewall is a plug & play device for Laptops that prevent hacking when conected at hotspots (Airport, coffe, hotel, fair ...)
Interested, want more information?  contact us for a meeting or via our website www.allpriv.com
Organization Type Company
Organization Size1-10
CityANIANE34150, BP 48 Google map
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  1. Mobile security systems

Investor in tomorrows biggest market

Today everybody focus on cloud, big data conectet objects ....
OPEN all the windows to the world : Lots of data, of comunication ...

All of this will bring big Headaches very soon, because too much open doors, future is to protect the data.
we do protect since 20 years...
Today we lunch our firewall for laptops, an easy secure solution for all organisations having laptops moving out office!

Our solution is approved to all we present, now we look for some help in order to increase our market.

Cooperation Requested
  1. Investment/Financing


IF you represent a Company / organisation / governement...
and manage hundreds of laptops,
You know about the security problems it brings.
Laptos are an open the door to your organisation.

Weknow about this since 20 years, we offer you a door to close...

Easy & secure !

Cooperation Offered
  1. Sales / Distribution