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We are Business Consultants specializing in executing strategy and increasing profitability. We work exclusively with executives to separate strategic and profit driven initiatives into digestible business unit projects. We prioritize initiatives, close gaps and implement a systematic reporting process to ensure success.

Through comprehensive analysis of internal resource commitments, ensuring allocated budgets support required timelines and committing the skills and expertise required we consistently deliver the right results. We help projects succeed, business units flourish and executives advance. We make business better.

Founder of the company, Dragan Jeremic is an expert with outstanding record in the field of IT and telecommunications with over 15 years of technical, management and business experience. He was in position to manage both – implementation of new systems and upgrade of existing systems.

As an IT expert with practical experience on big projects he can concentrate on big picture, understand objectives and model them through appropriate methodology and enterprise architecture, which is approach shown to increase overall project success and sustainability.

In this decade, he has significantly contributed to a several successfully completed projects by the Council of Europe (CoE) and European Delegation (EuD) in Republic of Serbia as well as in other countries (Armenia, Bulgaria, Jordan, Macedonia, Ukraine, etc.), as well as in World Bank’s LAMP (Land Administration and Management Project) project in Montenegro. Also important, he was engaged as strategic advisor for ICT field for several big companies, including Post of Serbia, EPS -Serbian Power company, Serbian Treasury etc.

Organization Type Company
Organization Size1-10
Founding Year2013
CityZemun11080, Karadjordjev trg 9 Google map
Areas of Activities


  1. Big Data / Open Data
  2. Consultancy
  3. Outsourcing

Business Intelligence and Data Warehouse services

Strategic consulting is a service provided by our top management consultants, who have a wide expertise of business processes in most industries in design and implementation of various types of business strategies.

Most of our strategic consulting projects are focused on IT infrastructure and organization that include foundation of data integration or business intelligence competency centre within the organization, balanced scorecard, risk management, fraud management.

We provide services needed for successful preparation, design, development and implementation of Big Data Processing and Analytics systems based on standard platforms. We offer two specific service packages, described in more detail – one for fast kick-off of your Big Data initiatives and the other for fast and efficient solution development. Contact us for more information!

Project management and supervision
Based on extensive experience of our consultants who have had the opportunity to acquire and apply various methodologies of project management with an emphasis on methodologies for DWH, BI and planning project management, especially based on the experience of our consultants on specific projects, we have created a methodology for project management that we regularly apply at our clients.

Our methodology for managing and supervising of projects is characterized by the speed in which first useful results are produced, efficiency in implementation, the flexibility of the methodology, the effectiveness of risk management, quality assurance and optimization of project documentation.

Keywords: strategic consultingproject managementbig dataanalyticsBusiness IntelligenceData Warehouse
Cooperation Offered
  1. Technical co-operation

ICT infrastructure services

ICT infrastructure services

With the increasing complexity of IT infrastructure, the use of information technology in a wider range of fields, and increasingly complex evaluations of IT investment results by companies, it is widely recognized that the highest efficiency and best reliability for IT system maintenance is achieved by integrating internal maintenance resources and external service resources. These circumstances led to the current market demands for IT maintenance services and maintenance service outsourcing, which are growing rapidly, especially with high growth of public, private and hybrid cloud services.

Service Offerings
• Need assessment analysis (including system environment analysis, service data analysis, migration demand analysis, and performance demand analysis)
• Definition of ICT infrastructure architecture in accordance to functional, technical, security and other requirements
• Hardware system and virtual infrastructure maintenance support
• Technical support for hosts, servers, virtual machines, storage devices, network devices, and network security devices, etc.
• System integration
• System migration and integration
• High-end arrays
• Software and data backup and recovery

Keywords: ICT infrastructureservices
Cooperation Offered
  1. Outsourcing co-operation
  2. Technical co-operation

Security services

Security services

Our identity, access and risk management services offer:
• Resolution of IT security issues around the globe before business operations and image are affected.
• Building security that’s vendor- and technology-neutral to keep pace with change in real time.
• Secure systems, applications and data for a global and mobile workforce.
• Stepped-up data accuracy for corporate, regulatory and license compliance.

We offer a full scope of Security Services, including:
• Security Risk Management
• Identity and Access Management
• Application Security
• Infrastructure Security
Our Security Services achieve business value for our clients through the following:
• Reducing and resolving IT security issues before they affect business operations and image.
• Building security that is vendor and technology neutral to keep real-time pace with change.
• Securing systems, applications and data for a global and mobile workforce.
• Increasing data accuracy for corporate, regulatory and license compliance.

Keywords: securityservicesrisk managementaccess managementidentity managementapplication securityinformation securityISO 27001 certification consulting
Cooperation Offered
  1. Technical co-operation