Philipp Nagele


Bilateral Meetings

  • Tuesday (9.00h - 11.05h)
  • Tuesday (11.05h - 13.10h)
  • Wednesday (9.00h - 11.05h)
  • Wednesday (11.05h - 13.10h)
DescriptionWikitude GmbH is the world’s leading mobile augmented reality (AR) technology provider for smartphones, tablets and digital eyewear.
Organization Type Company
Organization Size11-25
CitySalzburg5020, Schrannengasse 6 Google map
Areas of Activities

SOFTWARE (max 3)

  1. Augmented Reality
  2. Virtual Reality
  3. Wearables

AR SDK for Wearables

The Wikitude SDK is optimized for using it on smart glasses like Epson BT series or others

Keywords: augmented realityARVRwearablessmart glasses
Cooperation Offered
  1. Technical co-operation
  2. License agreement

3D Mobile Rendering Engine

Looking for fast modern 3d rendering engines for mobile platforms, that offer high-quality rendering and include advanced rendering concepts.

Keywords: 3d renderingmobileiosandroid
Cooperation Requested
  1. Technical co-operation
  2. License agreement

Wikitude Studio - Augmented Reality Content Creation

Wikitude Studio is a web-based content creation tool for easily managing augmented reality content.

Keywords: augmented realitycontent mangementappsandroidios3d
Cooperation Offered
  1. License agreement

Augmented Reality SDK

Its fully in-house developed AR technology is available through its SDK, Cloud Recognition and Studio products enabling brands, agencies and developers to achieve their AR goals.

With about 100,000 registered developer accounts, Wikitude has grown to be the world’s leading independent AR platform. The Wikitude SDK is an integral part of more than 10,000 apps run by both small enterprises as well as many Fortune 100 companies across multiple industries. Wikitude’s latest product addition is its 3D Tracking, allowing apps to see in rooms, spaces and environments.

Keywords: augmented realityvirtual realitysdkvrar3d trackingimage recognition3d3d engine
Cooperation Offered
  1. Technical co-operation
  2. License agreement