Christian Fritz

Head of Sales
IKARUS Security Software GmbH

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DescriptionIKARUS was one of the first anti-virus vendors founded in 1986 with the customer base being in central Europe. IKARUS helps enterprises fighting against mainstream and targeted malware that can enter their network through web, mail and wireless. IKARUS technology combines on premise and cloud-based infrastructure to optimize its clients ‘ability to scale and handle growing mobile usages. A solid business relationship has been built over the last 10 years with strong ecosystem of European-based ISPs and global enterprises such as Siemens. Having these relationships allows us to have a better coverage (high traffic filtering volume) of European malware to maintain our good quality. ISPs trust IKARUS technology and use it under their own brand to protect their customers such as Telekom Austria Group (part of America Movil), T-Systems or Kapsch. In addition to that, SMEs use our solutions on premise or via the cloud to protect themselves from latest threats. Besides reselling our solution, we encourage our partners to provide extended services to their clients. Hence enabling them to deliver Managed Security Software Services (MSSPs) to their end customers. Using trusted partners and managed services with in-depth training programs allows smaller organization to benefits from local support and expertise when using our solutions.
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CityVienna1050, Blechturmgasse 11 Google map
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  1. Application development
  2. Mobile security systems


  1. Cloud Computing
  2. Device management

development, resell partnership or Investors

We offer malware detection solution for ISPs, ISVs, MSPs, and Enterprises (IKARUS mail.security, IKARUS web.security, IKARUS wifi.security, IKARUS mobile.security)

Additional we serve our Industrial Security (application control) to customers with industrial environments.

Our SDKs are globally integrated in many products. all our products as an OEM solution (White labeled).

Our newest Baby is SONAR.
SONAR detects cyber espionage and breaches on endpoints and leverages detailed insights within minutes. for this Project we are searching Partners as well Investors too to shorten the time to market

Keywords: anomalymalwareAVmobile securitycloud securityOEMwhite labelSDKwifi securityweb securitymail security
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