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DescriptionInfoping - A new way to share important information

Infoping helps companies and organisations to distribute important and urgent information, quickly and easily, via push notifications and SMS. With our solution you get instant feedback, statistics and knowledge that the target group of people has opened, read and interacted.

Just a few clicks
Information owners and managers can send information to predefined groups. A group may contain just a few, or thousands of recipients. The information is pushed to the Infoping app for recipients who have the app installed, and sent as SMS messages to recipients who haven’t. This way we ensure that everyone receives the information instantly.

Easy feeback and great statistics
The sender can immediately get feedback in the app and see statistics. For example, the sender can see how many recipients installed the app, opened the message and  confirmed that they read it, answered yes/no to a question with simple buttons, etc.

Centrally managed groups
Permissions control who is allowed to send messages to each group. Every group can hav one or several administrators with the permission to add or delete recipients etc.

With our API's customers can send  push and SMS to groups or individual recipients of Infoping messages. It's also possible to synchronize groups with external directories.

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Instant information/messaging solution

We offer Infoping, a new smart solution to distribute important information, internally and externally, using push notificatons and SMS.

We are looking for sales agents, resellers and customers anywhere in the world.

Infoping can be used as a corporate tool for internal use, or for partners and end customers as an Information Logistics solution.

The use of push notification/messages can reduce the cost for SMS drastically. Infoping gives a new dimension to Instant messaging since we can gather statistics not possible to do with SMS or Email.

Infoping is not another chat or social app, it is a distribution solution where information owners and managers fast and easy can distribute imortant information to pre-defined groups. Only users with permissions can distribute information (this is not a chat app).

Recievers can easily respond by clicking on pre-defined buttons. Statistics is gathered and presented instantly in the app.

Good statistics gives basis for better decisions.

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Looking for sales agents/reseller of our solution Infoping

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Looking for Investors with global networks for marketing and sales channels

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