David Clapham

Sales Director

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DescriptionSaaS provider of digital customer support solutions for complex devices e.g. smart phones, tablets, IoT connected devices.

As a result of customer successes over the past few years, with Three, Tesco Mobile, Samsung, we are becoming the preferred multi-channel solution for digital customer support in the UK with a focus on:

 Call, repair & returns avoidance; on & off device diagnostics; troubleshooting; digital first on-boarding. Our approach is about resolving customer issues early, and driving a great customer experience.

 Our solutions are integrated with many of the major device repairers and designed to integrate with operator processes, providing single system booking and tracking of repairs.

 We drive customer self-service. Our on-device diagnostics and personal device training plans are unique tools that encourage digital on-boarding and support digital first strategies.

We are looking to work with the major Mobile and Virtual Mobile Operators throughout Europe 

Organization Type Company
Organization Size11-25
CountryUnited Kingdom
CityBristolBS24 6RR, The Grange, Hewish, Google map
Areas of Activities

SOFTWARE (max 3)


    1. Business support systems
    2. Device management

    Partnering/Business Development

    We are looking for partnerships with organisations that already have active relationships with Mobile operators/ MVNOs or possibly large mobile device distributors in Europe. To discuss a strategy to provide our SaaS based customer support solution which is having significant success in the UK to many of the operators in Europe.

    Keywords: www.lucidcx.com
    Cooperation Requested
    1. License agreement
    2. Sales / Distribution

    Customer Support Solutions for Complex Devices

    Digital support of complex devices e.g. smart phones & tablets for use by thorugh multiple channels e.g. agents in call centres; retail outlets;use on websites and on device.

    Enables customer to self serve through the website providing Troubleshooter simulations, 3D Models and videos to help the smart phone users resolve their problems or usable by agents to support customer more effectively and reduce Agent call time.

    Unique on device diagnostics that can also be used by call centre or retail agents.

    Solutions reduce returns, reduce agent call time, provide much better customer service.

    SaaS based solution that integrates to Mobile operator systems white completely customization for websites.

    Currently delivered for Three UK, Samsung UK, Tesco Mobile UK.

    Cooperation Offered
    1. License agreement
    Cooperation Requested
    1. Sales / Distribution