Frederic Faivre

Senior Project Manager
Invest Sud de France

Bilateral Meetings

  • Monday (15.10h - 18.05h)
  • Tuesday (11.05h - 13.10h)
  • Wednesday (11.05h - 13.10h)
  • Wednesday (15.15h - 16.55h)

Invest Sud de France is a regional organisation working with large companies, SMEs and R&D organisations  from our region.

We are looking for companies with specific business and technology offers in order to start collaborations and projects with our regional companies and offer them specific business and technological opportunities in South of France, including :

- The "Smart city" project of Montpellier (Ecocité) for which we are looking for new industrial and technological partners in the areas of Transport and mobility, Water management and Risk management.

- E-Health business opportunities with our partner Kyomed which offers companies a service consisting in three synergistic platforms dedicated to e-health, digital and molecular biomarkers and data mining.

- Science of movement R&D projects in collaboration with Euromov, a european centre for research and innovation in the science of movement, in the scope of 2020 projects.

- Big data and data analytics projects with leading companies IBM, AMI Software, Zendesk.

- E-Health, Smart Energy, Smart Agribusiness projects with our regional IT Cluster FrenchSouth.digital and Business and Innovation Incubator (BIC).

For each business area and project we are looking for technological and business partners. Please find more information in the cooperation profiles.


Organization Type Consultant
Organization Size1-10
CityMontpellier34170, 980 avanue Jean Mermoz Google map
Areas of Activities

HARDWARE (max 3)

  1. IoT / M2M
  2. Telemetry systems
  3. Test and measurement equipment

SOFTWARE (max 3)

  1. Application development
  2. Big Data / Open Data
  3. IoT / M2M


  1. Big Data / Open Data
  2. Consultancy
  3. Education and training
  4. Geolocation

E-health - Digital biomarkers - Data mining

Created in April 2014, awarded in 2013 by the ‘Investments for the Future’ Program launched by French government, the mission of our partner Kyomed is to optimize and accelerate innovation in the field of personalized medicine.
Kyomed offers companies a service platform in order to support industrial projects addressing personalized medicine issues. It consists in three synergistic platforms dedicated to e-health, digital and molecular biomarkers and data mining.The ultimate goal is the industrialization of the solutions Kyomed accompanies.
Therefore we are looking for partners who are interested in this innovative offer.

Cooperation Offered
  1. Technical co-operation

Montpellier Smart City

Montpellier Méditerranée Métropole launched an "smart city" project in 2012. In order to stimulate innovation the project is the gathering of industrial, technological and scientifc partners (Montpellier University, IBM, Veolia,...). After a first R&D/experimental phase (2013-2015), the project is continuing the R&D activity and is entering now in the deployment/industrial phase.
In addition to the founding partners, we are looking for new industrial and technological partners (network operators, engineering firms and start-ups) seeking to create and invent new urban service in three major areas: Transport and mobility, Water management, Risk management.

Cooperation Requested
  1. Outsourcing co-operation
  2. Technical co-operation
  3. Investment/Financing
  4. Other

E-health - Science of Movement

Our partner EuroMov is a european centre for research and innovation in the science of movement. EuroMov conducts fundamental and clinical research on movement, gesture, physical activity and proposes innovative technological solutions allowing the capture, simulation,learning and rehabilitation of movement. EuroMov is cooperating on several European projects (2020 projects).
Euromov contributes to the creation of innovative starts ups and businesses in the field of health, performance, sport, human factors, and rehabilitation.
We are looking for industrial or tech companies who wish to collaborate in R&D projects (bilateral project or 2020 programme).

Cooperation Offered
  1. Technical co-operation
  2. License agreement
  3. Investment/Financing
  4. Other