Simon Montford

Marketing Director
Nautilus Beam Ltd

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DescriptionAward-winning, fast, easy, smart text input on your smartwatch.

Tens of billions of messages are sent every day on WhatsApp, SMS etc. To reply on a phone, you need to dig out and unlock it, type and replace. Better to use the smartwatch instantly accessible on your wrist.

But speech recognition is unreliable, lacks privacy, annoys others and can just look a bit silly. Attempts to cram a QWERTY keyboard onto a tiny screen have disappointed.

Scottish company Nautilus Beam Ltd has created Tusi, a touchscreen typing app combining an elegant, intuitive user interface with state-of-the-art word prediction that also intelligently expands abbreviated input of a few letters into full words and phrases. Based on CEO Dr TimWillis’ PhD research in Artificial Intelligence and Natural Language Processing at Edinburgh University, the app requires no teaching or learning of shortcuts. An android version for phones and tablets, named Flexpansion (Flexible Text Expansion - ) has been downloaded nearly 70,000 times on word-of-mouth, gaining great reviews and a Google Play rating of 4.7 out of 5 for its Pro version. Specialist language modules can be added, edited, shared etc. for professional fields such as medicine, or informal chat etc.

As well as wearable tech, the prediction can also be simply adapted to work on any tiny touch screen including interactive domestic appliances, TV remote controls, in-car touch-screen interfaces, and smart-home controllers.

The company welcomes approaches from OEMs and software companies requiring easy text input.
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CountryUnited Kingdom
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Opportunity for OEMs to license ground-breaking text input, and word prediction solution

Nautilus Beam Ltd would like to license its ground-breaking text input, and word prediction solution to smartwatch OEMs.

As Flexpansion's world-leading word prediction technology can be adapted to work on almost any type of tiny touch screen device, not just smartwatches, we are also keen to speak with companies that manufacture interactive domestic appliances, TV remote controls, in-car touch-screen interfaces, and smarthome controllers.

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