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** SME Instrument Beneficiary **

g.tec Guger Technologies OG is a growing enterprise with two branches in Austria (Graz and Schiedlberg), one branch in Spain (Barcelona), one branch in the US (Albany, New York).

g.tec is a manufacturing company in the field of biomedical engineering. The main product field encompasses systems for biosignal processing and analysis under MATLAB and Simulink. The systems can be used for the analysis of brain (EEG), heart (ECG), muscle (EMG),… activity and contain devices for the acquisition, visualization and analysis of biosignals. Furthermore scientifically established real-time, online and offline-analysis modules are provided, which can be used for Brain-Computer Interfaces (BCIs) . g.tec is also an active member in a number of national and international research projects and is active in scientific publishing.

One development of one of these projects is the mindBEAGLE system. mindBEAGLE® uses BCI technology for quick and easy assessment of DOC patients and even provides basic communication with some of them. A BCI detects changes in brain activity induced by the user’s mental activity. mindBEAGLE® uses auditory and vibro-tactile stimulation to elicit typical brain responses that are based on a certain level of awareness and conscious processing in the patient's brain. Also, imagining certain movements (such as grasping with the left or right hand) can be used to communicate through a BCI (such as “yes” or “no”). Therefore mindBEAGLE® is a new way to communicate for some of these type of patients.

Organization Type Company
Organization Size26-50
CityGraz8020, Herbersteinstrasse 60 Google map
Areas of Activities

HARDWARE (max 3)

  1. Monitoring systems and equipment
  2. Test and measurement equipment
  3. Virtual Reality

SOFTWARE (max 3)

  1. Application development
  2. Virtual Reality



    MindBEAGLE - Looking for investors

    we look for investors and we want to create a customer network.

    Cooperation Requested
    1. Investment/Financing

    mindBEAGLE - looking for distribution partners worldwide

    We are looking for partners to sell the "MindBEAGLE" system worldwide, a brain-computer interface for assessment and communication for coma patients

    Cooperation Requested
    1. Sales / Distribution