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LK Hitech is a manufacturer of wiring harness for automotive rear & front light lamp. Some of manufacturing process is automatic but most of the processes are manual because of too many parts and different wire & length.  As a manufacturer, LK can provide the requirements, samples and manufacturing feedback and need a technology to replace the manual process with automation and vision inspection.

Komax and Schuleniger are famous for automatic wiring harness manufacturing equipments whose machines are limited in testing (continuity and vision). However, LK needs more advanced machine with continuity electrical and vision test. In addition, it requires the test with high voltage over 400 VDC.

Organization Type Company
Organization Size51-100
CountrySouth Korea
CityBucheon-si50893, Technopark 402-1203, pyeongjeollo, Wonmi-gu Google map
Areas of Activities

HARDWARE (max 3)

  1. NFC
  2. Test and measurement equipment


  1. Outsourcing

Ferrite sheet for NFC

LK Hitech is looking for a technology of ferrite sheet which absorbs and controls eddy electronic waves, occurred in the NFC such as mobile phones, wireless chargers, smart cards etc. It should have a function to solve malfunction and noise. Furthermore, It should improve phone quality and reduce harmful effects on person’s body. It will be applicable to the diverse fields to produce flexible film sheet with ferrite.

Keywords: ferrite sheeteddy electronic wavesNFCmobile phonewireless chargerssmart cardsflexible fimferrite
Cooperation Requested
  1. License agreement
  2. Technical co-operation

Automatic wiring harness manufacturing and related inspection technologies

LK Hitech is looking for automatic wiring harness manufacturing and related inspection technologies associated with continuity, electricity and visual tests on rear and front light lamps of automotive. Certain process is automatic but most manual works need to be replaced with automation and adaptable visual inspection to improve accuracy and speed. They are looking for a partner available for research cooperation and technical cooperation.

Vision inspection
- Programmable for all wiring harness parts ; terminals, wire, connectors and seals
- Capable of distinguishing two color cable with one same color
- Auto focus, optical zoom and lighting
Electric test
- Intermittent cycle test at least 100 Hz and over 400 VDC
- Programmable for different harness connection
Non-contact wire stripping
- Cutting without contact
- Programmable for different wire cover materials

vision inspection, CO2 Laser process application, electrical test (open, short, current etc.,)

Keywords: wiring harnessvision inspectionautomotivevisual inspection
Cooperation Requested
  1. Other
  2. Technical co-operation