Guillermo Garcia Maruny

Sales Director

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DescriptionAdsmurai has developed a software, Katana, that helps companies scale their advertising on Social Networks. We offer both SaaS and Managed Services. We are an Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and Google Marketing Partner.
With an intuitive flow to create campaigns with specific targets (e-commerce, videos, engagement, fans, apps...), and a very user friendly interface, Katana drives the best results possible. 

Our strenghts are the ease of use and the high quality user experience we provide. Katana supports the most innovative ad formats, such as Dynamic Product Ads, Lead Ads, Carousel Ads, and allows you to create alerts to better manage your KPIs, as well as the option to save new target groups, and uploading your briefing directly from the platform. This allows Adsmurai to deliver on the promise of better performance and return for your ad spend on social media.
Organization Type Company
Organization Size26-50
CityBarcelona08007, Ronda Universitat 31, 5-1 Google map
Areas of Activities

SOFTWARE (max 3)

  1. Big Data / Open Data
  2. Data analysis
  3. Mobile social networking


  1. Big Data / Open Data
  2. Mobile advertising and marketing

A SaaS and a Managed service for social media advertising

Our promise is to scale and improve the results of your social advertising spend.

We offer two different service models:

1. A managed model (Adsmurai experts manage the campaigns).
2. A self service model (advertisers use the software to manage their campaigns with the support of Adsmurai).

Some ways that you will benefit from Adsmurai technology and services:
- You will scale you business globally and keep costs down
- If you want to reach audiences with specific interests and profiles
- If you want to keep full control of you advertising budget

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